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Dear Friend,

Weddings are an occasion to celebrate, but Melissa Ciner and her mother, Michelle Rosmarin, have so much more to celebrate.

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Just a few months ago, Michelle was diagnosed with oligodendroglioma, a rare form of brain cancer. On her mother's behalf, Melissa turned to the brain tumor experts at HackensackUMC, where Dr. George Kaptain was able to remove the tumor safely. Now Michelle is healthy and able to share the wonderful life that lies ahead for both of them.

"We were scared but relieved and comforted after we heard Dr. Kaptain's plan to make mom better," Melissa recalls. Perhaps you can relate.

Thanks to the team at Hackensack's John Theurer Cancer Center, jointly led by myself and Dr. Kaptain, Michelle has made a full recovery and recently returned to work.

Because of the care her mother received, Melissa and Michelle were able to celebrate this Mother's Day with great relief, heartfelt gratitude, and a keen new understanding of Brain Tumor Awareness Month.

As one of the nation's top 50 cancer centers, we believe cancer is hard enough for patients and their loved ones. They deserve our extraordinary care, the kind of care we give to patients like Michelle every day.

That's why I'm writing, to ask that you give a gift-as much as you can afford-to the John Theurer Cancer Center, through HackensackUMC Foundation, in honor of Brain Tumor Awareness and the exceptional care that is provided here.

When you donate to the HackensackUMC Foundation, your gifts help cancer patients on the road to recovery by providing:

  • Multidisciplinary Care: With your support, we are able to grow the Brain and Spine Institute by recruiting nationally recognized leaders in radiation and neuro-oncology, neurosurgery, and neuropathology.
  • Scientific Discovery: Consistently among the top 10 U.S. centers in the number of brain tumor clinical trials, we believe every patient deserves access to tomorrow's treatments today. Your gifts support groundbreaking research like our brain tumor vaccines and immunotherapy program.
  • Physician and Patient Education: Your donations enhance educational programs like our Neuro-Oncology Symposium and Patient and Caregiver Conference, where world-renowned speakers discuss breakthroughs in brain and spine tumor care.

Every gift is appreciated and supports innovative treatment across our 14 specialized divisions, but we need your continued support.

I hope you will consider making a gift -in recognition of Brain Tumor Awareness and the care provided to patients like Michelle.

Melissa and Michelle's story is only one of thousands of patients treated at the John Theurer Cancer Center. Because of the generous support from people like you, we are able to provide the best possible care to our patients every day. Won't you join us?

Please make a gift today

Samuel Goldlust, MD
Medical Director, Brain and Spine Institute
John Theurer Cancer Center

P.S. Your donations help cancer patients and their families thrive. Please consider making a generous contribution.

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