Community Fundraisers

Hosting a Fundraiser

Thank you for your interest in planning an event to benefit HackensackUMC through the HackensackUMC Foundation.

We are fortunate to receive numerous inquiries and proposals from companies, individuals and families that would like HackensackUMC to be the recipient of the proceeds from their fundraising event. Benefit events can take many forms from art auctions to 5K walks to elegant evenings. The generous spirit of our contributors is matched only by their creativity in finding new and special ways to raise funds.

There are a few key elements that will guide our mutual participation, and we ask that you review them before proceeding. We bring this to your attention now to avoid future potential misunderstandings or disappointments with regard to our ability to participate in and support your fundraising event.

If you would like to designate and publicize Hackensack University Medical Center as your charity of choice and recipient of your event proceeds, you must:

  • Register your event with the HackensackUMC Foundation - the event must be approved by the Special Events Committee of the Foundation.
  • Any promotional or publicity materials naming HackensackUMC as the designated charity and/or utilizing the Medical Center's logo must be approved by the HackensackUMC Foundation. Please allow at least two weeks (10 business days) for approval.
  • Adhere to the Community Event Policies and Guidelines below
  • Download and complete the Application Form

Community Event Policies and Guidelines

What We Can Do For You

The success of your event is important to us, and we want your experience to be positive and rewarding. We are able to offer our support in the following ways:

  • Offer event-planning consultation. Any additional assistance must take into consideration our staff's availability and internal fundraising obligations.
  • Provide and approve the use of our logo (as appropriate) to ensure proper reproduction and usage according to medical center graphic standards. (Please note that under all circumstances, the use of HackensackUMC brand, logo, or name requires written authorization from HackensackUMC Foundation and all promotional material must be pre-approved before usage).
  • Provide a letter of support to be used to validate the authenticity of the event and its organizers.
  • Promote your event by publishing the name, description, locations and contact information on our website and through e-blasts and social media.
  • Provide limited existing HackensackUMC materials for your event such as brochures and videos.
  • Acknowledge direct contributions to HackensackUMC Foundation. These contributions will be added to your event donation total, but cannot be withdrawn for event expenses.
  • Assist donors in directing contributions toward areas of special interest or areas of need within the hospital. For example, the Joseph M. Sanzari Children's Hospital, the John Theurer Cancer Center or the Heart & Vascular Hospital.

What We Cannot Do for You

Due to federal regulations and hospital policy, Hackensack University Medical Center Foundation is unable to:

  • Advance monies based on anticipated revenue or be responsible for expenses related to the event.
  • Provide mailing lists of donors, patients, volunteers, staff or vendors, or solicit sponsorship support on your behalf.
  • Provide our tax exemption number.
  • HackensackUMC Foundation sales tax-exemption (on purchases) cannot be extended to any event or fundraising effort.
  • HackensackUMC Foundation cannot process any credit cards for your event.
  • Guarantee attendance of senior staff, volunteers, donors or patients at the event.
  • Provide assistance with marketing or promoting your event or project other than as specified above.
  • It is the responsibility of the person or persons organizing the event to obtain all applicable permits, licenses, and all insurance certificates that may be required for an event.

Community Event Guidelines

Community fundraising events should fit the mission and promote the appropriate image for HackensackUMC and HackensackUMC Foundation. All community fundraisers must be designed to attract new donors and new areas of support; and all efforts must have a direct monetary benefit to the medical center.

Community Event Application Form

Please note that anyone who is interested in planning an event to benefit HackensackUMC must submit a completed and signed Community Event Application. The signer of the Application will be referred to as "the event coordinator." Submission of this document is required at least 30 days prior to the event. Each proposal is carefully reviewed and evaluated for feasibility and suitability with our organization's goals and objectives. Allow 10 business days for response.

All fundraising events for HackensackUMC require written permission from HackensackUMC Foundation in advance. Do not make public announcements or promote the event until you receive approval of your event proposal.

Fundraising and Finances

The Attorney General's office notes that HackensackUMC retains a fiduciary duty to ensure that the funds are being handled and accounted for in a responsible manner, and the fundraising is being conducted in a manner that is consistent with the mission and public image of HackensackUMC and HackensackUMC Foundation.


Fundraising events must comply with all relevant state and federal laws.

Events we will not consider:

  • Projects/events requiring telemarketing, fundraising by mail, door-to-door sales or vending machines.
  • Ideas requiring the acquisition, use, or solicitation of Hackensack University Medical Center donors, vendors, or employees.
  • Projects /events associated with products or services deemed inappropriate (including but not limited to alcohol, tobacco, adult content, etc.)
  • No solicitations or vendor sales at HackensackUMC unless pre-approved by the executive committee of the Auxiliary of Hackensack University Medical Center.
Financial Guidelines
  • Event expenses should be less than 30% of the total amount raised, excluding in-kind donations.
  • The value of in-kind sponsors/donations should not be included in your total event revenue, but should be acknowledged by you.
  • If event expenses are greater than the total collected, the group conducting the event is responsible for payment of these additional expenses.
  • A separate bank account should be established. The title of the account should say, "event name to benefit HackensackUMC Foundation."
  • Only event expenses may be deducted from this account and all donations are to be held in trust for HackensackUMC Foundation.
  • Issuing tax deductible receipts for donations:
    • The host organization must be tax-exempt in its own right to issue tax-deductible receipts for donations or sponsorships.
    • The donor is responsible for verifying the value of in-kind donations, not the recipient.
    • Receipts issued by a non-profit for the charitable donation portion of the ticket price must be clearly identified and differentiated from the "fair market value" of the event.
    • The purchase of raffle tickets, admission tickets, greens fees and tangible goods are NOT eligible as tax-deductible charitable donations.
  • Within 30 days after your event, please send a basic breakdown of your expenses (for example: Printing - $500, Food - $ 250, etc.) along with your final settlement made payable to HackensackUMC Foundation and sent to:

    HackensackUMC Foundation
    Att: Kerry Hesler
    Director, Strategic Events & Projects
    360 Essex Street, Suite 301
    Hackensack, NJ 07601
Conditions and Restrictions

Event Timing

It is the policy of HackensackUMC Foundation to maintain a list of all events and other fundraising efforts benefiting HackensackUMC. This includes activities of HackensackUMC Foundation, HackensackUMC and events sponsored at-large by others in the community.

It is the responsibility of the event coordinator to confirm the fundraising event date with the HackensackUMC Foundation staff to ensure no duplication of events or event dates. This allows for sufficient time between events and maintains some variety of events to maximize support, enthusiasm and attendance.

Promotion, Language & Logo Usage

HackensackUMC Foundation must review all promotional materials (including press releases, public service announcements, scripts, posters, brochures, etc.) before they are used. HackensackUMC logos are registered trademarks and cannot legally be reproduced without written permission.

Any promotional materials must clearly state that your event is raising funds that will benefit HackensackUMC, as well as properly characterize the use of the donation, for example: Proceeds benefit the Joseph M. Sanzari Children's Hospital at HackensackUMC.

HackensackUMC can promote the event, when appropriate, through:

  • HackensackUMC Foundation website (with a link to the event's/organization's website if appropriate)
  • HackensackUMC internal eblasts reaching 8,000+ HackensackUMC employees
  • Other media such as Twitter and Facebook


Please note that many local businesses and individuals already provide generous support to the medical center in a variety of ways. HackensackUMC Foundation cannot solicit sponsors for your fundraising event and does not provide any donor or patient contact information.

Please provide a list of all potential sponsorship contacts (including all potential in-kind donors) on the application form. This will allow us to provide you information on their current financial support for HackensackUMC Foundation and help us to be good stewards of our longstanding relationships within the community.

Just as events cannot conflict with the mission and image of HackensackUMC and HackensackUMC Foundation, companies that conflict with our mission or values may not be sponsors.

In-kind Sponsorship/Donations

In-kind gifts are defined as non-monetary donations of a product or service, such as printing or silent auction items. HackensackUMC Foundation cannot solicit in-kind sponsors for your fundraising event.

DO NOT solicit items from the NY Football Giants or the Red Bulls in the name of HackensackUMC.

The value of in-kind sponsors/donations should not be included in your total event revenue, but donors should receive an acknowledgement from the event coordinator for their in-kind gift. HackensackUMC Foundation will not receipt in-kind donations.


If you are holding a raffle with your event, please be aware that such an activity needs a special license and extra time to organize. It is the responsibility of the person or persons organizing the event to obtain the necessary license and approvals needed for such a raffle as well as to file a report within 90 days with the agency that issued the raffle license. Failure to do so will result in a fine.

Cancellation and Liability

If circumstances warrant, HackensackUMC Foundation may at any time through any of its directors, officers, senior administrators, or staff, advise you to cancel the event. All sponsors agree to indemnify and hold harmless HackensackUMC Foundation and all its officers, directors, and employees from any and all claims and liabilities in any way related to the event.


Will the Foundation provide me with a list of donors that I can contact for my event?

No, the Foundation cannot provide mailing lists of donors, patients, volunteers, staff or vendors, or solicit sponsorship support on your behalf.

How can I tell if my goals are realistic?

Identify your volunteers and your target audience. Plan a budget. Identify sources of income and all expenses. Keep costs down and you'll generate a larger donation - something everyone will feel good about. A consultation with the Foundation staff will help you set and evaluate goals for a successful event.

Can I use the HackensackUMC logo on my publicity?

No, such use is prohibited until promotional and publicity materials are approved by HackensackUMC Foundation to insure that you are using the name, logo, and charitable language correctly. Written permission is always required to use the names "HackensackUMC Foundation," "HackensackUMC," "Hackensack University Medical Center," "Hackensack University Health Network" or the names of any of our hospitals or programs. They cannot be used for any purpose and contributions cannot be solicited without prior approval.

It may take a few weeks to process all the bills for the event. How soon do I need to make the final donation to HackensackUMC Foundation?

Any checks that have been made out to the HackensackUMC Foundation should be forwarded immediately to the Foundation for acknowledgment and processing. We ask that final settlement be forwarded to HackensackUMC Foundation within 30 days of the conclusion of the event.

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